About us

Found in 2010. Daring Technology industrial Co., Ltd focuses on industrial fans design and manufacturing. The product has expansive usage. Our clients' are from diversity industries, including Machinery, Medical Application, Servo Motor, Fishings and so on.

We are proud that having an extraordinary R&D team that could assist our clients. All of the team menbers were from NCKU Motors Technology Research Center, which is the most prestige academic institute in the field of motor researching inTaiwan.

With a such remarkable team, we have been challenging to solve all the problems that clients occur. That is, we keep assisting clients and research products that enable to survive in various environments, such as anti-gravity, anti-water and oil and anti-salty spray and so on. For years, our fans has passed many severe tests.

Thanks to that, we gain more and more trust and reliance from users.